"You know when, sometimes you meet someone so beautiful, and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later, they’re as dull as a brick? Then there’s other people, and you meet them and you think, ‘Not bad; they’re okay.’ And then you get to know them, and their face sort of becomes them, like their personality is written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful. Rory’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met."

~ Amelia Pond (The Girl Who Waited)

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"GBUYFGKGLHFLUEHUALFGYEWGDGAYUG!" « This sums up my thoughts on Bradley James pretty well…:D

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So i FINALLY started watching Merlin…..


At first people were like 


And I was all sheepish for ever doubting the amazingness of Merlin!

People came from near and far to congratulate me

"oh you!"

And then they took it a bit too far….

But i am absolutely loving it so far! 

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When your parents want you to clean before you go anywhere

you look in the room like:

you get a text from your friends saying they’re leaving:

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*dies laughing*

*dies laughing*

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